The Basics of Bed Bugs: Signs and Prevention

Beds in SandyBed bugs should never be welcome in your home. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, bed bugs should have no place in your home. A bite from a single bug is enough to disrupt your rest and rob you of your precious sleeping hours. Before it becomes a full blown infestation, you have to make sure you prevent their spread. Knowing the signs may alert you on their presence.

Signs of Infestation

While bed bugs can be hard to see, the first sign is always waking up with red marks on your skin. You may start getting itchy at night even if you have a mosquito repellent. In the morning, you may find shedding of these bugs on your sheets. They may also release droppings as they feast on your skin. Since you may end up rolling on them, you may find blood marks on your pillowcases, sheets and clothes.


Bed bugs can travel from place to place just by latching onto fabric or furniture. You may have stayed in a seedy hotel or an old theater to watch a movie. A great way to keep them from getting to your bed is to never sleep on it using the same clothes you wore outdoors. Washing your sheets and replacing them frequently can also prevent them from treating your bed as a nest. Cleanliness is always the enemy of pests. All you have to do is minimize clutter in the bedroom and take a shower before going to sleep. According to bed bug control in Sandy should be performed by a professional because these critters are really difficut to remove.

Contact experts on bed bug control in Sandy and set your schedule for a visit. These experts usually allot one day for checking and assessment so they can plan the best way to deal with the problem. Ask for help on how to prevent reoccurrence of these pests in your home.