The Burst Pipe Emergency: What to Do While Waiting for the Plumber to Arrive

emergency plumbingA burst pipe is one of the serious plumbing problems you may encounter at home. If you notice your basement being flooded regularly, then you most likely have a burst pipe in your midst. This should be considered a plumbing emergency since failure to act upon it immediately could bring a huge deal of inconvenience and extensive damage to your properties.

It is imperative to get the expertise and services of a plumber and if you are in luck, one with 24-hour plumbing services. However, in the meantime you cannot just allow the burst to cause further damage. Here are important things to remember while waiting for your plumber to arrive when a burst pipe emergency occurs.

  1. Keep Calm and Do Not Panic. Do not panic upon seeing water gushing out since the more frazzled you are, the more you are prone to making irrational decisions when it comes to your actions. By keeping calm, you can act more decisively and behave in a more composed manner.
  1. Shut Off the Water. What you need to do next is to stop the flow of water by shutting off the main valves. These can easily be located and if by chance, you do not know their location then you had better find out now, before this kind of emergency hits you.
  1. Collect the Flowing Water. Since the flow of water may not stop immediately, you may as well catch any flowing water. This can minimise further damage to your things and you can use this water when to clean the mess later.
  1. Limit Any Damages. The next thing you can do is to check any damage and take actions to reduce further damage. You may have to move furniture and other fixtures that have been affected. Some items may have to be transferred to an elevated area if flooding worsens or occurs.
  1. Locate the Burst Pipe. After you have kept things away from further damage, you may want to locate the burst pipe. Not to repair it but in order to provide your plumber details when they get to your home.
Leave the Work to the Experts

While some cases may be repaired by the homeowner, it would be really best to get the professionals. They can easily assess the problems and make immediate repairs. With trusted services from reputable plumbers, you can have your pipes in good condition in no time.