The Deeper, the Better: Digging Your Private Well

Water WellOnce you have determined the sandy layers under your feet contain ground water, you have to start making plans about digging the well. The quality of the water differs for each layer, though. You get better quality water if you dig deeper.

A specialist well drilling company can provide you with both the expertise and the equipment for this job. If you insist on doing the job yourself, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Using a Pounder or Percussion Rig

The water well specialists of Carlyle Drilling may recommend renting a cable or pounder rig for efficient digging. This cable-tool equipment is perfect for domestic water well projects. The equipment pounds the earth to produce a hole for the water resource.

You need a bailing bucket if you choose this method. If you plan to dig a hole about 70 feet, prepare yourself for the long haul. Nonetheless, the clean water from your private well can be well worth the efforts.

Installing a Water System Equipment

Digging a well does not end when you have a hole in the ground; you need a reliable system that will draw the water from the well. A typical water system consists of a storage cistern and pump, as well as requisite tubing and high quality filters.

The system must provide the amount of water your household needs. Its configuration depends on the flow rate and overall yield of the water from the well. This means the specifications of the construction will differ from that of your neighbour. The system must also accommodate additional needs, such as instant modifications in the purification mechanism for hard water.

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Keep in mind that your well depends on the geological condition of your home. To make the most of your well digging project, consult experienced contractors.