The Devastating Impact of Weather Conditions on Your Roof

RoofUnder ideal conditions, your roof would last a lifetime. As much as we want such a condition to happen, it is just not possible. This is especially true in Minneapolis where winter can be extremely cold and summer can be hot and humid. You must consider the impact of these weather conditions on your roof.

The experienced contractors of explain how weather can cause damage to your roofing structure:


The ultraviolet (UV) rays and the heat coming from the sun can have a damaging effect on your roof. This exposure may cause asphalt roofs to deteriorate rapidly. Other types of roofing materials may also become brittle when the oils in the roof’s coating dry up.


Rain is one of the most common causes of damage to the roofing system. When water gets below the shingles and into the roof deck, this may lead to the deterioration of the structure. Even the moisture from the downpour may contribute to the damage, which may affect the other parts of your house.

Snow and Ice

The people of Minneapolis experience heavy snow during winter, which can be a problem for their roofing systems. Trouble starts when snow starts freezing at the roof’s edges and blocks the flow of water in the gutter. This may cause backed up water, which may flow to the shingles or into the interior portion of the house. This can worsen when snow freezes in the downspout.


Strong wind can loosen the nails and shingles, causing deterioration and extensive damage on the roof. When this happens, water may seep into the underlying structure and cause leaks.

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Hailstorm can spell disaster for roofing structures. When hail hits the roof, the shingles may become loose — in the case of asphalt shingles, the granules are removed. This exposes the underlying structure to heat and UV rays.

Weather conditions should be a prime consideration when choosing roofing materials. Regular inspection is also important to ensure your roofing structure is in good condition. This can make a big difference on maintenance costs later on.