The Green Chronicles: Eco-Friendly Roofs for Australian Homes

Eco-Friendly Roofs in PerthGoing green is the way to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Green technology brings about the conservation of the natural environment and its invaluable resources, as well as the mitigation of the negative influences of human involvement.

How do you start this green lifestyle? Industry experts recommend homeowners to start with the roof.

Green Roofs as a Solution

As and other roofing companies in Perth note, homes and establishments that incorporate some or all of the principles of green technology are making great contributions to the environment. The design and development of green roofing systems make a unique approach to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Green roofs are also called living roofs, as these include vegetation — either partial or complete—over a waterproofing membrane. Studies have shown that green roofs can extend a structure’s lifespan by over 200 per cent. This may be the result of the additional protection against UV radiation. Green roofs also reduce heating, cooling loads, and stormwater runoffs.

The many benefits of green roofing should be enough reason to convince you of installing one in your home. Nonetheless, you need to plan your project carefully.

Planning and Designing a Green Roof
  • Consider the main purpose of your green roof. Are you going to use the green roof as a recreational space, a garden, podium, or even a terrace? Do you envision your green roof to have simple vegetation that requires zero to low maintenance?
  • Determine the type of your green roofing: extensive, intensive, or semi-intensive. Extensive green roofs do not require much maintenance, whilst intensive types offer complex vegetation and greater maintenance.
  • Consider your budget. Green roofs can cost 200 per cent more than the total expenses of an ordinary roofing project. Consider the need to strengthen your structural support, as well as using materials that will guarantee effective waterproofing capabilities.
  • Make sure the structure of your house can take on the additional weight. Hire engineers or architects to calculate the load-bearing requirements of a green roof.
  • Although you may place low-maintenance vegetation on your green roofing project, you still need to maintain them. This means you need to incorporate a mechanism that will allow you to perform regular maintenance on your green roofing.

Whilst green roofing is a great way to help in fighting against global warming and adding value to your home, its installation requires a certain level of technical skill. The professional services of roofing companies in Perth may help you plan and design the best green roof for your home.