The Greenhouse Effect: Plant Protection from the Climate and Other Elements

plantThere are tough plants that can be left outdoors, and there are tender flowers that will wither at the tiniest hint of frost. Sometimes, garden owners will focus too much on the latter, but the truth is both types can benefit from a little protection.

What better way to safeguard your plants than a greenhouse? Even the great Victorians would agree. In the time of Downton Abbey, greenhouses were devoted to flowers and fruits: arum lilies, orchids and chrysanthemums. Each would have their own greenhouse.

This was not only useful in protecting the shrubs, but also in stimulating the flowers to bloom in advance of their normal season. So how does a greenhouse do its trick?

Solar Collection

The primary task of a greenhouse is to capture solar energy through its walls and convert it to heat, says It warms up the interior to a temperature significantly higher than that outside, giving the plants a nice, warm surrounding.

Most greenhouses are made of glass. Because they are a closed environment, there is no breeze to fight away the heat. The air within the greenhouse warms up easily and retains the heat for a significant period, creating an ideal shelter for your plants and flowers to grow.

Protection from Outside Elements

Greenhouses provide your plants the same thing your house gives you: protection from harmful elements. This is particularly critical during the autumn and winter months.

Greenhouses keep strong winds from pulling up the plants’ roots or blowing away seeds, as well as regulating amount of water received by your plants. They also keep out pests and insects, saving you the trouble of spraying harsh chemicals.

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Furthermore, greenhouses effectively keep the temperature in control. When it becomes too high, the fogging system can cool it down, while too-low temperature resulting from limited sunlight can be remedied by other systems within.

Bear in mind that there are many types of greenhouses. Some are very simple structures with mesh or glass walls, while others have complex heating and cooling systems that control the temperature. Choose one that agrees with your budget and your need to protect your garden. With the right greenhouse, why not learn from the Victorians and use it to nurture your blossoms in an ideal environment?