The Must-Haves: Things You Need in Your Dorm Room

Dorm Room Essentials in Australia Living in a dormitory room for the next few years can be difficult for you as a freshman student, especially that this might be your first time away from home. Wipe your tears now and don’t worry, as you can have these things in your place to make a home away from home.

  1. Lamp

This will brighten up your temporary home, so you that you do not have to sleep in a pitch black room. It is also an essential when you study in the middle of the night.

  1. Mini-fridge

Proper food storage is important. Sometimes you buy food that you cannot finish and you want to keep it for later. Place it in the mini-fridge to avoid spoilage. You can also buy a litre of ice cream without having to worry about finishing it off in one sitting.

  1. Microwave

Now you want to eat your left over food in the fridge. You need the microwave to re-heat your food to keep the food and your tummy warm.

  1. Water cooler dispenser or coffee maker

Hydration is a must. Maybe your fridge is full of food and there is no more room left for your water. Perhaps you want instant noodles and need a hot water immediately. This is where buying a high quality water cooler dispenser comes in handy. If you need coffee when you’re going to stay up late studying, you have your coffee maker for that.

  1. Cords

For all your appliances, you need efficient extension cords as some dormitories have limited sockets. This will also bring the far socket near you, whether you are working on your desk or on your bed.

  1. Shower totes or caddies

Keep those toiletries together and avoid messing them up with shower totes, baskets or caddies. Organisation is key.

  1. Storage boxes

To keep your place organised, you will need storage boxes for your things that do not fit anywhere. For instance, your school supplies can clutter your desk, but you can put them in drawers. You will no longer have to worry about losing them too.

Lastly, decorate. Make your room feel more relaxing and comfortable with the final touches, probably patterned wallpaper or bright coloured rug. It is best to check the rules about all room improvements. When you are all set, go ahead, study, and never fail your parents.