The Natural, Magical Complexities of Rustic Architecture

Rustic HomeVery few architectural styles can convey the warm and welcoming sensation that rustic provides. If you are a homeowner planning to adopt this quintessentially natural, American style of architecture, remember to discuss the following elements with your builder:

The Location

Rustic homes do not exactly fit in within urban communities, both as a natural addition and a structure with a view. The reason why many homeowners choose rustic architecture for their vacation homes is that it necessitates the addition of open spaces and glass. To bring your home close to nature, you must build where nature exists. Otherwise, you are better off with a more restrained, more practical style.

The Color Palette

From wooden exterior doors to kitchen cupboards, try to stick as close to the rustic color scheme as possible. Bright, popping colors simply have no place in a rustic home, since the goal is to create an environment that is relaxing and one with the surroundings. The color of the house itself should dictate the appearance of every item you decorate it with, which brings us to…

The Materials

It may cost you more, but the authentic rustic construction requires the near-exclusive use of stone and wood. Talk to your builder about the look and durability of specific materials — just be sure to understand the maintenance demands of wooden house components. For every other aspect behind-the-scenes however, you are free to go with materials that are more modern.

The Fixtures

Speaking of modern, a rustic home does not equate to an ancient one. There is no need to emulate the frontier lifestyle of ages’ past when it comes to the household necessities. As long as their styles remain faithful to the theme, the kitchen and game room can be as advanced as you can afford.

The Fireplace

A safe, clean fireplace completes the rustic style. Do not skip this fixture if you truly want to capture the magical, natural feel that this type of architecture can bring.

Inspired by the American Craftsman style, rustic has become a mainstay, if not an outright expectation, among countless rural homes, luxury or otherwise. Achieving its beauty requires effort and knowledge.