The Need for the She-Shed

menMen need their alone time, and it is completely understandable, but with the internet’s obsession with man caves and bachelor pads it’s as if women never need their own space. In fact, the notion that women can carve out their own space that only they can enter is so foreign that people genuinely get confused whenever it is mentioned.

The She-Shed

People are calling it a she-shed, and though the name needs a bit of work, it gets the message across adequately enough. The concept is simple enough; it’s a shed – or any private space – where someone can be alone for a few hours doing whatever they want to help them stay sane. But the she-shed needs something to set it apart from other spaces that would otherwise be used for storage.

Fortunately, sheds Bunbury builders produce are used for a variety of different purpose. Building a she-shed shouldn’t be anything that would surprise such service providers, at least the ones that know what they’re doing. But what can women do inside a shed that they couldn’t easily gain in the house or the rest of the outdoors?

A Shed Oasis

The question isn’t about what they can DO, but what they can GAIN. Men use their sheds to work on their hobbies, or work on projects, but that’s not what they get from having their own shed. The feeling of absolute privacy, as well as the ability to do whatever they want is the real purpose of having a shed.

Even if the activity is just sitting in the dark for an hour of complete silence, the difference of doing it in a she-shed can surprise many people. People who give themselves this luxury live longer and happier, as they help themselves cope with the stresses of everyday life.

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The feeling is difficult to explain, but anyone who’s experienced a similar form of complete ownership over a space will immediately be able to relate to it. Women deserve to have their own area away from the home where they can do whatever they want in complete privacy.