The Nth-Time Honeymoon: Loving Your Honey from the Moon and Back

Romantic Couple Contrary to popular belief, second honeymoons aren’t just once-in-a-lifetime trips. Long-term couples know celebrating marriages as if these were only a few days old is the secret to their success.

The fast-paced nature of everyday life takes its toll on some couples. Because of deadlines, bosses and meetings (not to mention the children), husband and wife forget to spend quality time with each other.

In some cases, a second honeymoon is the solution. If done right, it might be the first of many.

Why Another Honeymoon?

So, why do couples visit The Berry Farm or other idyllic locations? Why do they book a romantic wine tour in Margaret River?

Simple: they need it.

A romantic trip without the kids is a rising trend in couples. The reasons vary, but one goal remains the same: to strengthen the relationship. Honeymoons remind couples of their union’s range of happy beginnings.

Falling in Love — the Nth Time Around

Honeymoons need not happen only once or twice. In some cases, the first few honeymoons work out perfectly. It is not always rainbows and lollipops — mishaps happen. Fortunately, these first-time (or second-time) flops are good reasons to do it all over again, only better.

For example, first honeymoons often experience budget problems. Since the newlyweds have just paid for their wedding, the honeymoon might experience a budget cut. Not all couples can afford their dream honeymoons, so they settle with long layovers and mega resorts on crowded beaches.

Some couples subject themselves to the pressure of society’s definition of ‘honeymoon’. Combining the fatigue from the wedding planning with the stress of the honeymoon, they end up not enjoying it at all.

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Your honeymoon should bring out the best in you as a couple. Make the next trip memorable by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Whether it’s bungee-jumping or being one with nature, do not hesitate to experience new adventures together. Also, use the time to physically and emotionally reconnect with your spouse.

Honeymoons need not happen just once or twice. Keep the love alive by spending more time with your spouse.