The Right Approach to Watering Your Lawn

LawnProper watering is one important element of growing a high-quality lawn. You need to irrigate during the summer, or the leaves will turn brown and stop growing. Note that extreme heat and long stretches of hot weather may kill some of the grass, which will require you to renovate or overseed.

Here are some suggestions on the right way to water your lawn.

Avoid Light and Frequent Irrigation

While rainfall is usually enough to sustain the plants, you may still need watering to have a healthy lawn. This is especially true during hot and dry season. The lawn often needs about an inch of water every week, which may come from irrigation, rainfall, or a combination of the two.

Light and frequent watering are not advisable, as this promote shallow roots and make the turf prone to stresses.

Your Choice of Sprinkler

Lawn fertilization experts in Utah note that apart from supplying sufficient nutrients, deep and less frequent irrigation is advisable to promote deep roots and grow a healthy and low-maintenance lawn. You can choose from these watering equipment based on your lawn size and shape:

In-ground sprinkler. This is a great way to supply water efficiently. Just be sure to use low-angle and low volume head, and make adjustments to reduce high water pressure.

Hose-end sprinkler. This is ideal for small-to-medium lawns. Do not forget to learn more about different types that suit your lawn pattern.

Rotary nozzle. Also called rotators or stream sprays, rotary nozzles supply water in an even and gradual stream. This is great for slopes or areas where you want unhurried delivery of water.

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Irrigation timer. Include this in your irrigation system. There are now different timers available, which help estimate watering schedules based on temperature, local rainfall, and other factors.

Addressing Water Run Off

You may want to split watering into shorter or two sessions if the water starts to run off before you finish deep watering. You can also wait for a day or more to let the water absorb the water before doing it again. Note that water runoff is wasteful, which can also eliminate pesticides and nutrients from the lawn.

Maintain a lush and healthy lawn with proper watering techniques. It is also a good idea to get help from lawn care professional when upgrading your irrigation system, renovating lawns, or treating diseases.