The Smart Way to Control Weed Growth in Your Garden

Weed Removal in PerthWeeds take only a short time to grow over a garden or lawn. Amateur gardeners know very well how these “out of place” plants can invade a well-tended enclosure and leave it in ruins. What do you do to stop their spread? What’s in your current arsenal against weeds? You probably have a myriad of weed control products, but somehow they do not completely solve the problem.

The negative effects of chemicals on your garden

If you ask garden maintenance experts, they will discourage using chemicals for killing weeds. Most of these products do more harm than good. These contaminate the soil, as well as groundwater. It may take years before the chemicals are broken down and neutralised. Experts of Perth Gardening also say that herbicide application cannot effectively control severe weed infestation. You should rethink your options before settling for chemical control.

Limitations of biological controls

You must get rid of weeds because they compete with the plants for nutrition and water. Every year, the agriculture industry in Australia loses $4 billion due to damage wrought by more than 2,500 species of weed. Beneficial insects and animals are effective biological controls, but this is not a feasible alternative to chemicals when it comes to home gardens. Insect populations may not thrive, and animals such as geese may be difficult to sustain in a home environment.

Approaches to effective weed control

Weed control may be a complex issue, but the most effective measures are those that address the underlying problem. Specific intervention depends on the type of weed and the conditions of the soil. Experts also emphasise prevention as the focus of weed management. For example, mulching garden beds is effective, as the mulch blocks sunlight and prevents the growth of weeds.

There are many considerations for a successful approach to weed management. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations from experts for the best maintenance program for your garden.

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