The Versatile Bamboo: Helping Save the Earth

bamboo stemsSustainable green living entails sustainable green materials, and one of the best materials out there is bamboo. Bamboo can be made into various products around the world, and people continue to find even more ways to use it.

What makes bamboo even more sustainable lies in its amazingly fast growth rate as well as its other characteristics.

Bamboo Products You Can Buy

You can buy or purchase bamboo sheets that are soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and absorbent. You can find reusable straws made out of bamboo, eliminating your plastic straw contribution that poses dangers to the ocean.

You can even find sunglasses, portable speakers, a wireless keyboard and mouse all made out of bamboo.

It Grows Fast

Bamboo products abound because the characteristics of the plant make it one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials available. It grows at a rapid rate, making it a renewable resource; some species grow as much as three feet a day.

When you cut it down, the plant easily re-grows itself without the need for further cultivation.

It Is Perfect for Farming Anywhere

In conjunction with the rapid growth rate, bamboo grows in a variety of climate conditions. The plant can thrive and proliferate without fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicides too. These traits make the plant perfect for farming wherever you are.

It Cleans the Air More

Bamboo has other characteristics as well that may amaze you. Bamboo actually produces more oxygen than hardwood trees, for example. The plant absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air, like any other plant, but it provides 35 percent more oxygen.

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It Leaves No Waste

You produce little to no waste when using bamboo too. Manufacturers and inventors all over the world have found ways to use different parts of the plant for different uses. Bamboo can be made into furniture, the products shared previously, chopsticks, skateboards, even simple mulch to enrich the soil.

Bamboo has many more characteristics that all make it a sustainable and valuable resource. Even with the few traits you have learned about it here, you can trust that the bamboo products you buy will truly help the environment.