Things About Melbourne that Will Make You Find a Property Right Now

house packages in MelbourneMelbourne is known as one of the most ideal places to live. In fact, it was named last year as the most liveable city in the world, by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

While it is the second largest city in Australia and the capital of Victoria, there are many other reasons people love the place and choose to stay for good. Here are some of the top reasons moving to Melbourne could be the best decision you have made in your life.

For the busy employee

If you don’t have a car and your workplace is far from home, there’s nothing to fret in Melbourne. Public transportation is good here. You may hop on a tram or take the train that runs around the city loop. They usually run until about 1:30 am. During weekends, you can catch the Nightrider bus.

For the street artists

Melbourne’s streets are filled with arts; there’s no boring sight even in the centre of the city. The rich street arts culture can be seen in laneways and cobblestones. Even the world-famous street artist Banksy has visited the place to do graffiti.

For the golfing pros

Royal Melbourne is one of the country’s finest golf courses. Its sand belt is a favourite among professional golfers from in and out of the state. There is also a bar where you can unwind.

For the sports enthusiast

The MCG is a place to get your daily dose of sporting action. This gigantic sporting coliseum is known as one of the biggest cricket and AFL (Australian Football League) grounds in the world. How big is it? It has a whooping 10,000+ seating capacity.

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For the cheapskate market-goer

A market with friendly competition is a paradise for any budget-conscious shopper. The Vic Market, also known as Queen Victoria Market, is an open-air market where you can get great discounts from generous and competitive sellers. You’ll find everything from fresh fruit and veggies to fish and meat. With all the savings you can get, you may have coffee and churros after shopping.

If these things didn’t make you think about finding house packages in Melbourne, what will? Look for a house and land package today and see for yourself.