Things That Require Additional Expert-Home Inspectors

Sewer Inspection in Salt Lake CityA home may be aesthetically pleasing, but only a home inspection can ascertain whether it’s in top condition. However, a home inspector may not tell you everything you need to know about the house. The inspector may fail to notice or overlook certain critical things. Some inspectors may also not want to take liability for inspection issues outside their fields of expertise. Here are five areas that require additional inspection by expert inspectors.

1. Roof inspection

Many inspectors don’t physically access the roof to examine its condition. They just check the roof from higher-level windows or the ground level with binoculars. While such an assessment may catch issues such as torn or missing shingles, roof leaks will often slip through. Hire a licensed roof inspector to offer a comprehensive evaluation.

2. HVAC and chimney inspection

Technicians may not be too eager to test the air conditioning in cold weather or check the heat in extreme heat because of liability issues. For your peace of mind, hire a licensed specialist to assess the unit. It’s also important to hire a chimney specialist to check for instability or structural damage of the stack.

3. Sewer inspection

Most home inspectors in Salt Lake City can tell whether things are “flowing”. This is why it’s best to work with a sewer repair professional to ensure the integrity of the sewer line. The professional can use a sewer camera to discover cracks or breaks along the line.

4. Geological inspection

If your prospective home is on a hillside or cliff or in a flood zone, a geological review is necessary. Such an inspection can you save a lot of money in repair costs along the way.

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5. Moisture and mold inspection

Property that is in wet regions or near oceans or lakes can benefit from a moisture and mold inspection. Make sure that your inspector checks all areas in the home before declaring the house mold-free.

Among other things, a home inspection can offer you peace of mind and save you money. Don’t be tempted to skip this important process. Make sure the inspector checks every square inch of the home. If need be, hire additional expert home inspectors to check specific areas of concern.