Things to Remember when Moving Out After Your Big Sale

House SoldSo your property has been on the market for a while now. And finally, you have signed a contract of sale and sold it to an eager buyer. First of all, congratulations. But before you get too happy, the work doesn’t end here.

There is still a long list of things that need taking care of. Your best move as early as now is hiring a conveyancing solicitor to manage the sale process, Creagh Weightman Lawyers says.

Having someone to handle the legal side of the transaction enables you to focus on other responsibilities, particularly those concerning the process of moving out.

This mini checklist may help:

Gas and Electricity

The contract of sale will include a settlement date, which your solicitor can confirm for you.

Start planning ahead and organise for gas and electricity supply to be disconnected on your to-be-sold property and connected to the property you’re relocating to. Do NOT forget to fulfil this on the settlement date indicated in the contract of sale.

Internet and Phone

Remember to get the Internet and phone line disconnected and then reconnected in your new home. Your current provider may be able to organise a simple transfer, or you may want a new provider. The important thing is to give yourself plenty of time to get things sorted.


To keep receiving your credit card and bank statements, update your address with every bank you’ve enrolled and applied in. Some banks allow adding updates on personal information through online banking, giving you little excuse to overlook it.

Driver’s Licence

Inform the Queensland Transport of your new residential address not beyond 14 days after moving to avoid a fine. They’ll send a change of address label to be affixed to your current license.

Mail Delivery

The Australia Post has a simple, inexpensive service that will redirect all your mails to your new address. This also provides a helpful way to remember every company you have to change address information with.

These are just some of the most important pointers to keep in mind – the list goes on. Once you’ve taken care of it, you can now get your property ready for settlement. Contact your real estate agent to get all the instructions and warranty information, so that everything is accounted for. Good luck on your move!