Three Places You Should Not Miss When In Fort Lee

Happy tourists sightseeing using a map

Are you visiting a family or friend in Fort Lee, Virginia? Perhaps, you may be thinking that there’s nothing much to do around a US Army post? Guess what, there are many things to do while you're there.

Here are cool places in Fort Lee you should never miss:

1. Washington DC

Okay, Washington DC is not exactly in Fort Lee, but it's only a two-hour drive away. This makes the country's capital a great, quick day trip. While you’re in Washington, explore the countless museums, drop by restaurants and cafes where government employees chit chat and relax, and of course, schedule a visit to the White House.

2. Pocahontas State Park

Nope, this is not Disneyland. This is a real nature park with a lot of trails and water activities. You can explore the three lakes in this park by boat and enjoy fishing. It also has an aquatic center with a toddler pool perfect for kids. Plus, it has a huge amphitheater where you can watch Pocahontas Premieres, a series of concerts. Pocahontas State Park is just a thirty-minute drive away from Fort Lee.

3. Henricus Historical Park

Want to try some time travel? The Henricus Historical Park can take you to the early 1600s in the Citie of Henricus, the second English settlement in the New World. Learn how people lived during that time by watching the "inhabitants" of the park recreates the historical events that took place four hundred years ago. If you have children traveling with you, enroll them in camps. They can look forward to many activities like crafts making and historical demonstrations.

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Where Do You Stay?

To make the most of your leisurely trip in Fort Lee, stay for at least two weeks. Check out the affordable options for extended stay in hotels near Fort Lee, VA. Some are fully-furnished luxury apartment accommodations, while other offers exciting packages that may suit your budget.

After reading all of these, aren't you now looking forward to the trip?