Three Things to Do Before Moving Your Art Studio Downtown

Art Studio in ColoradoThe Santa Fe Arts District is the place to be for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, it’s a center of arts and the nightlife – coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, bars, and old buildings pepper the streets, making it a funky place to hang out with friends.

As a budding artist, the Santa Fe Arts District might just be the best way to get exposure, given that it’s the “largest concentration of art galleries in Colorado.” You get to meet fellow artists, gallery owners, and even potential buyers all in one place. You’re thinking about making the Big Move but you stop and ask yourself: “How?”

Here are three things you should think about before moving downtown:

1. Scout for Space

There are about 60 participating galleries and studios in the Santa Fe Arts District, which may sound like a lot. In reality, however, there are a few vacant spots along the streets, whether it’s space for a kiosk or a compact studio space that can also be transformed into a gallery open to the public. Find a great deal for a place downtown before setting up your transfer.

2. Hire Movers

There are commercial movers that help business owners and gallery managers alike move their things from one part of the city to another. They specialize in handling glass frames and canvases so that you wouldn’t need to worry about any of your pieces getting damaged in transport.

3. Pause Your Art and Focus on Moving

You may have the occasional itch to paint during these hectic times, but best to put work off first and get straight to moving out of your old studio. Resist the urge to go crazy on your art for a little bit. Pack all your tools properly just in case the movers miss anything.

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Moving to the Santa Fe Arts District is a grand plan, but if you’ve got things sorted out, your dream of living in the art hub of downtown will be a reality in no time.