Three Words to Remember When Designing an Industrial-Themed Office

Men working on an industrial plantThe task of styling an office is taken more seriously than before. Many office interior designers lean towards a clutter-free look. However, there are those who go against the said fad and try the so-called industrial style.

There a lot of industrial themed furniture you can order online for your industrial-themed office. Before you shop though, you have to learn what the style is all about. The style became a trend around the early 2000s. This was when many old warehouses and factories were reused as homes and offices.

The design of the said industrial spaces focused more on the uses than the looks. That explains why they appear unfinished, yet, their look remains appealing. Your office doesn’t have to be a former warehouse or factory to apply the industrial style. You just have to remember the following when going after an industrial-themed office.


Vintage furniture and decors go well with the industrial style. Decors for this style include floor lamps and large wall clocks. It is even better if the vintage items look worn out instead of looking like they just came from the factory. Aside from antique items, you should also strive for the old-fashioned designs for your windows, doors, floors, and walls.


Industrial style stands out because of the emphasis on materials such as metal, wood, glass, concrete, and brick. Out of the five materials, metal is often the most highlighted. Wooden stools are great for this style. However, stools with wood and metal elements are more fitting.

There are also cabinets made mostly from metals that suit the industrial style. Think of wall units made from old pipes with wooden planks as well. There are lots of metallic decors you can place on your office desks, too.

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An office with an industrial style interior design has walls that are not painted. It stresses on exposing the brick or concrete. The same thing goes with the ceiling and floors. You can find exposed ducts and pipes overhead and see concrete floors with some rugs.

The industrial-themed furniture you can order online tend to look simple as well. That’s because many of their parts are exposed. They are not as adorned as some of their modern counterparts.

When it comes to colors, industrial style emphasizes neutral colors such as gray, black and white. Earthy tones can add some splash of color as well. Just remember the words vintage, metallic and exposed when you design your office using this style.