Tighten Physical Security: Keeping Criminals out of Your Business

A security guard doing his rounds Owners and operators of small businesses and larger corporations need to understand the profound impact of crimes against commercial establishments in the United States. When criminals target them, they suffer not only from major financial losses since the overall security and safety felt by their employees also take a huge blow.

For these reasons, it’s vital that employers take the security of their commercial organizations seriously. They should prioritize not only cybersecurity, but also physical security — and it should start with protecting the facility and all its contents.

Perimeter Security: Reinforcing the First Line of Defense

Put a stop to criminal acts before perpetrators set foot into your property. Set up a barrier around the perimeters of the building and strengthen the entry or access points with remote controlled and automated gates. Don’t forget to include working with a New York service specializing in corporate gates maintenance to keep these security components optimally functioning.

Eliminating Corporate Offices and Building Vulnerabilities

Although it’s vital for commercial establishments to have tight physical security measures outside, they should also smoothen out indoor building vulnerabilities. Some of these include:

  • The lack of security cameras, bollards, and other site security devices
  • Under-utilization of security tools, such as tamper- and blast-resistant glass
  • Poor vehicular control
  • Open and unmonitored access into the building
  • Lack of HVAC system security

Increasing protective measures to counter these vulnerabilities can considerably contribute to far better, more tighter building security.

Your organization’s overall security doesn’t only protect you; it safeguards everything that’s most important to you. This includes your employees, stockholders, investors, partners, and customers. Security breaches put you and everyone else at risk of major financial disasters, so pay attention to even the smallest details and respond appropriately.

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