Tree Maintenance: Reminders in Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Tree Maintenance in PerthTrees in Perth take generations to grow into the towering giants that they are. They are priceless — you cannot belittle their importance in the ecosystem or their worth in measures of time.

Having trees within your property increases its worth in many ways. They beautify your place and improve the ecosystem in the area. The presence of birds and insects that pollinate flowering plants and fruit bearing shrubs also increases.

With the advantages trees bring, caring for them is important not only because the government says so, but also because trees deserve the extra TLC. Besides watering them and fertilising the soil, here are other things you can do to improve their health.


Defined as selective removal and cutting of a tree’s branches and leaves, this practice is also known as tree surgery, lopping or topping. Most property owners do tree pruning themselves — except there are times when a tree may die due to too much lopping. Beaver Tree Services says owners can do minimal pruning on a regular basis, but for major jobs, consider the help of experts.


Branches and trunks can be weakened by storms, age and other elements. Left unchecked, weakened branches may cause accidents. Simply lopping a branch isn’t always the solution, especially if the said branch is large and removal can cause more damage.

Another answer is to use ropes, belts and cables to secure the branch or trunk of the tree in its weakened state. Remove the bracing after an arborist inspects the tree and confirms it’s back to full health.

Though it seems like hard work, the benefits you get from keeping trees healthy and strong far outweigh everything else. Also, due to special government laws in Australia, felling a mature tree would mean more extensive work and expense.

In the end, the tree you save will give you more perks alive than when it’s burning as firewood during winter. Keep it alive and healthy and it will do the same for you.