Troubleshooting Your Central Air Conditioner Before Calling for Repair

HVAC Contractor in West JordanYour central air conditioning system may malfunction at the most inopportune time. That is why it is always recommended to regularly maintain your cooling system to avoid potential problems from becoming more serious.

If your central air conditioner has stopped working, however, here are some troubleshooting tips you can use. Who knows? Maybe the solution to the problem could be in the palm of your hands.

The system won’t turn on

The probable cause of this problem is that there no power being supplied to your cooling system. Check the primary power supply panel for any tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. If these are the problems, then you can reset the circuit breaker and replace the blown out fuses respectively.

Another possible cause for your cooling system not turning on is faulty thermostat settings. If the thermostat is set too high, then the condenser won’t run. To correct this issue, lower the thermostat settings accordingly.

No cold air

If the air is moving through your house, but not cooling down, then a potential cause for this problem is a dirty evaporator. When dust and other debris build up on the evaporator, the exchange of heat within the system becomes less efficient.

You can use the manufacturer’s air conditioner maintenance guide for guidelines on how you can properly clean the evaporator. However, if you consider this task a challenge, then you can contact an HVAC specialist to help you out.

The system is running constantly

If your central air conditioning system is continuously running, then your thermostat could be set too high. Check the thermostat settings, and adjust the temperature accordingly.

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Drainage problems

This problem usually occurs during humid weather conditions. Check the condensate drain and see if there’s a clog. If it is, then you can carefully unblock it by removing the dirt causing the blockage.

If these tasks are all in vain and your cooling system is still not working properly, then it means that your central air conditioning system requires the services of a professional HVAC contractor.