Use that Land for Something Profitable

Profit in Perth Got a patch of land and you don’t know what to do with it? Here are a few top suggestions.

Turn it into a garden

Build a sturdy fence around it and turn it into a vegetable garden. The best part is you can make money off it. For the meantime, you’ll have to put some money into it. Visit your garden supply store and get a soil test kit. From there you can figure out which plants are more likely to grow in your type of soil and the weather in the area. Ask your supplier for advice. Get fertilisers and get planting. Devote some time to your garden for watering, pruning, cleaning and harvesting. Offer your produce to stores and restaurants and start making money.

Build a small house on it

If you’re thinking it’s too expensive and time-consuming, don’t forget that you can always choose one of those Perth kit homes. They’re far more affordable, easier to set up and sturdy enough to last a long time. You can either use it, give it to your grownup child, rent it out or sell it. If the location is ideal, use it as your own holiday home where you can stay when you need a vacation away from it all.

Build a pub

This depends on where the land is located, as local ordinances may not allow such a business. But if there’s no problem getting a permit for it, then build a small pub where people can meet after a long day at work. All you need is a little creativity as far as building is concerned. Use wood panels to make it easier and cheaper to build, and to make it look like an old style pub. Save some space for the parking. Take a few pictures of the place when it’s ready and post them online for marketing.