Use the Right Techniques to Give an Illusion of a Bigger Garden

GardeningWhen planning your home, you no doubt are looking at various ways to maximise the space, and have planned out well in advance, the best ways to present the existing corners by using shelving or other space utilising products. With your garden too, you can create an illusion of a larger space with a bit of planning and careful mix and match.

There is a number of Perth gardening techniques available to create an illusion of better planning and larger garden space. One of the common techniques used is to create an illusion using colours. There are two categories of colours, one is warm colours such as yellow, red, orange etc., the other includes what is termed cool colours such as pink, purple, blues etc. Focus on having the warm colours away from the central area of the garden. Make borders using the cooler shades to create an illusion of more space.

Another technique is to use different kinds of plants, such as a mix of coarser leaves and fine leaves. The textural difference also is an excellent tool to play with perception of distance. In your garden place the large leaved or “coarse” plants towards the outer regions and the fine leaved plants in the inner part. This creates again a depth perception and creates an illusion of a larger space.

More illusions of perspective are created using miniature plants, bonsai, which is often used in gardens to create that beautiful look of a bigger space. Trees are also an important tool in creating a bigger illusion of space, carefully choose trees with more height, and however do pay attention to growth patterns which can also alter perception of space in the garden. Tall trees which grow upward rather than outward like the Leyland Cypress are a good pick to draw the eye upward.

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Follow these tips to create a seemingly larger garden with limited space.