Wasp Invaders: Banishing Pests from Your Property

Wasp-Proofing in UtahHornets, paper wasps, and yellow jackets are among the most common types of wasps that love to build nests in places where you least want them to—around and in your garden and lawn. Although people consider them as pests because they sting, they are crucial for your garden because they’re pollinators and predatory insects. When their nests start occupying significant places in your property, however, it’s time to fortify your stronghold.

Wasp-Proofing your Kingdom

To make sure no pests will try invading your property, Greenside Landscaping and other pest control experts list some wasp-proofing suggestions:

  • Eliminate all potential sources of food – During early summer and spring, wasps prefer proteins. Remove or cover any food item left outside like scraps, pet food, uncovered trash containers, or open compost piles. During the early fall and late summer, wasps turn to sweets and become more aggressive. Cover all open food and drink containers when eating outside. Additionally, pick up any rotten fruit on the ground.
  • Close off all potential access points – Survey your home for open dampers, cracks around doors and windows, torn screens, and unsealed vents. Note the wasps’ flight patterns during daytime to see if you can pinpoint their access and exit points.
  • Refrain from wearing floral and bright colored clothing – If you dress yourself to look like a flower, you’re basically telling the wasps to have a go at you. Why not wear red trousers instead? Avoid spraying yourself with strong scents as well, especially during late summer when wasps prefer sweet treats. 
  • Resist the urge to swat away – This is simply counterproductive because when you squash wasps, they release pheromones that incite and attract other wasps that are hovering close by. Pick your battles and walk away.
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Wait, What About the Wasp Nests?

While spotting numerous wasps in and around your home is a sure sign that their nest is nearby, you shouldn’t take on nest removal on your own. What if the nests aren’t on your actual property, but are close by? What if they’re in areas that are tough to reach and confined? For your safety and peace of mind, especially if you don’t know if you’re deathly allergic to wasp stings or not, call for professional reinforcements.

Wasp-proofing your home is easy if you know how and who to call. Like any other pest, it's best to let professionals handle their removal so you're sure they won't come back.