What Could Go Wrong With Your Drains? A Lot!

drainage solutionsEvery homeowner has had to put up with some problems around the house. One of the most common sources of these problems is the drainage system. Depending on how wet the weather can get in your area, problems with your drains can vary. But one thing’s for sure – these problems can be hard to deal with, especially if you don’t deal with them soon.

#1: Elevations

Houses built on an uneven slope can have problems with the drainage system. A home on a low slope will experience more frequent flooding. On the other hand, a high elevation can cause water to drain too quickly.

Drainage solutions for these problems include looking at how water drains and making sure your pipes are built according to your home’s elevation. If the house is at a lower level, the drains should allow for the water to continue moving downward and away from your lot. For houses in high places, your pipes and water systems should be sloped enough that they manage to let water flow at a steady pace.

#2: Downspouts

Another common problem might be caused by your downspouts. Without enough downspouts, water will pool in just one place. Also, if your downspouts are in the wrong places, they could cause water to flow towards your house instead of away from it. This may result in basement flooding or water collecting close to your foundations – both of which you’d want to avoid.

To fix this, make sure you have enough downspouts and they lead water away from your property as well as the surrounding properties. Use rain barrels to save rainwater, while you’re at it.

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#3: Clogging

Of course, pointing the pipes and drains in the right directions would be useless if your drains are clogged. Even if you make an effort to keep objects from getting into your drains, they may still get clogged. This is a problem you can avoid with regular maintenance. If you notice a faulty drain, don’t shrug it off and wait for things to get worse.

Solving these problems might be too much to handle, but that does not mean you have no choice but to live with them. Inspect the drains and downspouts regularly to find any problems before they get worse.