What it Means to Have Hard Water at Home

waterWhen water reaches the earth in the form of rain, it’s free of minerals – meaning it’s “soft.” As it passes through soil, rock, and sand, however, it picks up some minerals, which turn it into “hard water.” Hard water contains high amount of mineral salts, particularly magnesium ions and calcium. In general, hard water is not considered harmful to our health.

When It Create Problems

While other minerals are present in hard water, calcium and magnesium are the two that create health risks and other issues. Once heated, these minerals precipitate out of water. Afterwards, they stick onto different items, turning into “scale” or mineral deposits. This is a nightmare for many homeowners because of how it affects the performance of many appliances.

In addition, these scale mineral deposits make bathrooms and kitchens look very unsightly, and they’re not easy to get rid of. Because soaps and detergents don’t lather that well in hard water, people tend to use more. This results in scum residue or soapy film.

Below, Kinetico Utah shares some of the issues hard water may cause:

  • Affects the taste of tea and coffee
  • Water heaters get broken easily due to the deposits of scale
  • Minerals can cause pipe clogging and reduced water flow
  • Hair starts feeling dull and limp due to excess filmy shampoo residue
  • Accumulation of film and scale on tiles and bath or kitchen fixtures
  • A feeling of dryness due to an invisible soapy film on skin
  • Increased utility bills can increase because of the accumulated scale in the water heater
  • Clothes look worn out due to harsh minerals in hard water used when washing
  • Even after a thorough cleaning, glasses and dishes still have spots and white film
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Fortunately, a water softener can take care of this issue. Before converting a soft water system, however, you have to consider the initial cost of the unit as well as the possible increase in water usage when using this system.