What Your Small Pet Will Love In Your New House

Houses For SaleThere are those who prefer having a small cat or dog, and treat the pets as children or best friends. You’d consider your pet’s needs when buying a new home. Here are a few pointers to consider when buying a new home with your pet in mind.

The Yard

Pet owners who plan to let their pet out should make sure there are no poisonous plants, hazardous debris or structures that can harm your pet in the Armstrong Creek houses for sale you’re visiting. Check for holes on the ground or gaps in the fences where your pet might fall or squeeze into. See if the yard is large enough for them or if you can assign a spot as their play area.

The Living Room

Your living room may be your pet’s most frequented spot in the house. See if the house you’re viewing has softwood or hardwood floors with a urethane finish, as these materials are perfect for small dogs and cats. If you prefer carpets, choose a house with carpeting that comes in a colour similar to the shade of your pet’s fur.

The Bedroom

As part of making the house pet-friendly, cabinets and shelves should not be in your pet’s line of sight, and closet doors should not be easily opened either. Make sure any electrical cords are hidden from sight or have been installed with proper covers.

The Entry/Hallway

Houses for sale that have pet doors should automatically get a plus. Check if there’s space in the entryway or hallway where you can set up your pet’s own outdoor gear along with yours. Right beside the spot where you plan to hang your coats and hats, see if you can install hooks and shelves at about their line of sight. Assign that area for their leashes, gear and outdoor toys.

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When you go house viewing, let the real estate agent know about your needs, along with your pet’s requirements. Otherwise, you can choose a house that’s semi-furnished so you can put in the changes you want.