When Do You Need to Repair or Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring?

Electrical Wiring Upgrade or Not?Are you wondering why your electricity bill is sky high? Do your appliances not seem to work at full capacity? The answer to these questions is simple, maybe it’s time to either repair or upgrade the electrical wiring of your home or office.

Doing so will improve electricity consumption and reduce the amount of money you have to pay when the bill arrives. Connect Building Services and other expert technicians say that there are certain signs that indicate it’s time to call an electrician in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah.

Non-functioning Switches and Outlets

Switches that only work intermittently is a clear sign that something’s wrong. The wiring may be loose or the device itself has damage. With the help of an electrician, they can determine the cause and do the necessary repairs to restore any non-working receptacle or switch.

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker are an indicator of a loose or defective bulb. If replacing them didn’t do anything, maybe the wiring is the problem. An electrician can help you identify the source of the fluctuations and address the problem immediately.


When a spark occurs when you plug in an appliance or device, there is definitely something wrong. This may indicate that the fixture isn’t working properly or may need rewiring. If you don’t know what to do, an electrician can help check the fuse box, outlet or breaker panel to determine the cause of the sparking.

Unusually Hot Outlets or Switch Plates

An appliance that heats is normal, but if it is too hot, then it’s problematic. If the outlet or switch plate becomes too unusually hot, remove the appliance and try it in another socket. If the heat reverts to normal, there is something wrong with the other outlet or switch plate.

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These are only some handful warning signs that your home or office may need an electrical rewiring or upgrade. Hire an electrician to determine the main cause of the problems and get the best possible solution.