When is the Best Time to Schedule AC Repair?

Best Times for Air Conditioner Repair in MurrayWhile there are telltale signs that your air conditioner needs repair, you can’t always tell exactly when it will conk out. Whether you keep putting off scheduling an air conditioning repair in Murray or simply checking when is the best time to call the pros for regular checkup and maintenance, here are some important factors to remember based on the seasons, which Larsen HVAC shares:

Summer is the Busiest Time for AC Repairs

This is quite expected. The hot summer days have people working their ACs to full capacity and many people often forget to check their units prior to the arrival of summer. Calling for repair in the summer can take days, even weeks. Simple maintenance tips such as cleaning out debris and dirt as well as checking the thermostat will help you avoid the long lines and might even save you some money.

Spring is the Best Time to Call in the Pros

If you’re worried that your AC will give up on you when you desperately need it, better make that call in the spring to avoid the long lines. A good tip to remember is to check your AC units during the spring to ensure that they’re in good working capacity and ready to roll when summer arrives. And since it’s not a busy season, it’s also an ideal time to install new AC units.

Autumn is Also a Busy Season

During this time, technicians are busy answering furnace repair and maintenance calls so they might not have time to drop by. The same can be said during the winter season. Ideally, you might want to hit two birds with one stone by scheduling a furnace checkup in the spring.

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Keep Your Cool

Of course, in cases of emergencies, it’s always advisable to keep your cool. While you wait for the AC technicians to come, you can check for potential causes of the unit failure to cut the time needed in checking the unit and in turn, could help lower the costs.