When New Isn’t Always Best

A Room With AppliancesBuying a new electrical appliance can be deeply satisfying. You imagine all those great moments that you are going to have with either the new cooker or you think about how great your new fridge is going to work. You’ll have ice cubes on demand, ejected from a fancy nozzle, complete with the sound of a futurist beep, just to let you know it’s fallen into your glass. A new air conditioner would look great in the living room or even if you got an expensive one, could be almost completely hidden.

However, should you always go for a new electrical appliance? Sometimes, we can be too quick to discard what is still fully functioning. If we just took a little time to have our appliance repaired, would we not only save ourselves a lot of money but also do considerable good to our environment?

A study conducted in 2005 found that American households threw away over 304 million electrical items, of which more than two-thirds still worked. It’s safe to assume that of the 100 million items left, a reasonable proportion of them could have been made to work had they just been repaired. It can also be assumed that these numbers have not shrunk in the last decade but most likely have grown. This growth may be due to the explosion in the mobile communications industry.  But also, we must acknowledge that we have turned into a disposable society.

A new cooker may look great, but it won’t make your food taste any better, that’s really up to you and your cooking skills. A new air conditioner may look sleek, but it won’t make your room any colder than your old air conditioner once fixed. And a new fridge won’t prolong the lifespan of food before it spoils.

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Appliance repair is something that should be considered all over America, from Utah to New York, indeed, it is something that should be considered across all the developed world. It’s for us to remember that often, it is better to care than to discard.