When to Prune Trees: 3 Pointers to Guide You

Tree Pruning ServicesTrees need proper care, so they can grow well and provide you with shade, beautify your garden or bear fruits. If you want them to do so, then you have to make an effort in keeping them healthy. For instance, you can do pruning. This process is important for your trees, and you can carry out light pruning and remove dead wood at any time. There are three major components to guide your pruning decision — tree type, its age and the purpose of pruning.

Tree Type

For most trees, Beaver Tree Services noted that the dormant season is the best time to trim. Early winter or autumn work may well although this doesn’t apply to all trees. Horse Chestnut, Maple, Magnolias, walnuts and birch require pruning in late summer. This is because they recover quickly, and some of them tend to bleed sap when your prune them in winter which may weaken the tree.

Cherry and plum trees are susceptible to silver leaf disease, and so you should prune them in summer. This is because, during summer, the spores causing the disease won’t be present in the air.

Age of the Tree

To allow an attractive shape and well-balanced specimen to develop, younger trees need harder pruning than the mature ones. It might feel frustrating to cut off a tree whenever it grows. In fact, for the fruit trees, this may mean cutting off branches with fruit on them. Don’t be tempted to under-prune, as it’s better to grow a healthy tree that would produce more fruit than a bushy tree that won’t be as fruitful as you want. If you find it difficult to be hard enough on your younger trees, you can get help from the providers of tree services.

Purpose of Pruning

Most gardeners prune their trees to enhance flowering. If this is the purpose of pruning, then for those trees that usually bloom in spring you should prune them when their flowers start to fade. Shrubs and trees that flower in summer, on the other hand, need pruning in early spring or winter. Know what season is ideal to get good results.

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Pruning is a useful exercise for all trees. Follow the considerations above to keep your trees and shrubs in their best possible condition.