Who Says That Glass Balustrades Are Just for Modern Homes?

Glass BalustradeGlass balustrading is a common trend today because of the growing popularity of modern-style homes. Not everyone knows that glass, as a design solution and building material, is not only for modern home applications. You do not need to have a strict contemporary theme to use glass in your property.

Glass is highly versatile. You can infuse it with any existing motif or theme, or combine it with other materials to make a room or area more interesting.

Here are few ideas on using glass balustrades in your home:

For a timber staircase

You can use glass panels in place of the old wrought iron railings in your wooden staircase. The transparency of the panels will highlight the charm of your timber steps. You can have the balustrade framed with steel or wood for easy grip when using the stairs. Most suppliers of Perth balustrades offer installations services to get the job done for your staircase.

For a home office or study room

If you want to enjoy the views of your lovely garden or pool from your home office or study room, a full glass wall makes a great addition. This could be a costlier project, but the added aesthetic would be worth the costs. The glass wall will work nicely even with carpeted or dark timber floors. Think about adding drapes or blinds, so you can get some privacy in your space.

For pool area fence

Glass also makes an excellent modern fencing material for your pool area. Your clear fence will help you keep the kids out of the pool when you are not around to supervise them. The great thing about glass fencing is you can enclose your pool area without blocking the view.

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For an airy balcony

Glass balustrades also make a wise and practical addition to your balcony or deck. The clean and transparent features of the glass will create an illusion of space and airiness, which is perfect for relaxation areas. The panels are usually made from thick, tempered glass, so you can expect sturdy and safe balustrading for your outdoor space.

There are many other ways to use glass balustrades in your home, regardless of the style and theme. All you need to do is explore your options and keep in mind the comfort needs of your family.