Why A Swimming Pool Warranty is Important

Swimming Pool with SlideA swimming pool is a long-term investment. Apart from being a place where friends and family can gather and take a dip, it is also the centrepiece of a home’s landscaping and can increase property value. Potential pool buyers, therefore, need to feel confident that the swimming pool they choose can pay for itself over time.

Why Do You Need a Pool Warranty?

Pool warranties allow homeowners to protect their investment. Since a homeowner’s insurance only covers major hazards like fire or hail damage, having the additional protection of a pool warranty allows homeowners to secure their financial investment.

Furthermore, pool owners won’t have to worry about not having an emergency fund at their disposal if the repair bills pile up or something unexpected occurs. So, before settling down on a fibreglass pool for your home, consider its warranty first.

Different Pool Warranties

Pools usually come with a warranty, provided that a licensed pool builder performed the installation. Reputable fibreglass pool companies usually offer structural warranties to show the reliability of their manufacturing process.

Before making a pool purchase, ask your builder for the terms and conditions of their warranty. For good measure, visit the pool company’s website and read the fine print carefully. Some exclusions can, after all, render a warranty null and void.

Proper Pool Maintenance

A pool warranty should go hand-in-hand with proper pool maintenance as well. By conducting a basic maintenance routine, homeowners can keep their pool in good condition.

Clean the debris – Skimming debris and cleaning skimmer baskets is essential since it keeps the water clean and prevents dirt from settling at the bottom of a pool.

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Balance pH & Ta levels – Proper pH and Ta balancing are crucial for your pools surface and pool equipment. A correct pH and Ta level prevent any corrosion of metal equipment, mineral staining to the pool walls.

Pool chlorination – Chlorine is a pool disinfectant that keeps bacteria and microbes away for pathogen-free water. Chlorine levels must be kept within a certain range. Through chlorination, you can enjoy crystal cleaner water.

Increase your pool’s longevity with proper maintenance by investing in a pool warranty. You won’t only avoid unexpected expenses; you can also extend swimming time enjoyment with your friends and family.