Why Fence It In? Options on Basic Property Security

Metal Fencing PanelsEveryone is concerned about home security. Most times, it’s about keeping things in, rather than keeping them out.

Marking Your Territory

Defining the boundaries of your property has a two-fold purpose. First, it signals ownership of a plot of land. Second, it designates where your area of responsibility begins and ends. Enclosing your property with any type of boundary marker, be it a hedge or a fence, means you are responsible for the care of that space. What you use depends largely on where you live, both the general area and specific lot location, and the amount of care you can spare.

A Natural Barrier

Planting a hedge is probably the most time-consuming way to mark your perimeter. However, it is also the most aesthetically pleasing way to go about it. Hedges are dense growths that require regular trimming and, of course, daily watering. You can choose from a wide variety of plants from flowering to non-flowering. For added security, you can choose ones that have thorns or grow spindly branches that can catch on clothes and are hard to cross.

Structured Designs

Wood and metal fencing are both attractive but require different levels of care. Treated wood can be just as sturdy as metal fencing and withstand weather and temperature changes. Extreme changes, however, can cause these to wear out more easily. On the other hand, metal fencing panels can come in aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. Aluminum is the cheapest and most light-weight of the three. It’s sturdy enough for basic security though it may bend or get dented from impact with items like baseballs, bats, and the like. Both steel and wrought iron resist bends and dents, however, both can be prone to rust.

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What’s Right for You

Hedges may still allow small objects through. If you have children who play with small balls and the like, it may be better for you to install metal fencing panels. Pets can be easily contained by using hedges but remember that pet urine may damage plants. Balancing your needs with your lifestyle is the best way to find the right fit for you.