Why is My Standing Pilot Light Not Staying Lit?

Standing pilot light inspectionA standing pilot light is a constantly lit flame that enables a furnace to ignite your burner. While standing pilot lights are efficient, it sometimes goes out and needs relighting. Before you relight it, however, it’s a good idea to investigate why these outages happen to determine if you need professional help or not. Below are some common reasons for standing light pilot outages:

Inconsistent Air Flow

Too little or too much air could easily extinguish a standing pilot light. Make sure that it’s protected against wind and drafts, but ensure that it’s not too tightly sealed either, advises an experienced furnace repair technician in West Valley.

Condensation Issues

Burning fuels generate trace water that could accumulate over time and lead to condensation. In some cases, moisture could build up and then drip onto the pilot light, and therefore extinguishing it. Having sufficient airflow in your furnace could help get rid of moisture-related issues.

Gas Pressure Problems

Inconsistent pressure could result in the pilot light malfunctioning. Higher than normal flames mean too much pressure, while small and weak flames mean insufficient gas pressure. In most cases, inconsistent gas pressure indicates issues with other systems related to your HVAC. Consult a licensed HVAC technician for a proper diagnosis.

Faulty Equipment

If airflow, gas pressure, or condensation is not causing the outages, it’s best to have an HVAC professional look at the hardware of your furnace. You might have a problem with the thermostat, thermocouple connection, or gas valve. Trapped airflow in the gas line could likewise hinder your pilot light from staying on.

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While a faulty standing pilot light is an inconvenience, it’s not something to worry about. If there’s no smell of gas in the air, it’s probably a minor problem that you could address by relighting or consulting with a professional technician. If the pilot light doesn’t stay lit or goes out regularly, it’s best to seek a professional to properly diagnose the issue and fix it.