Window Hazard-Proofing: Reducing the Dangers of Broken Glass

glass safety filmEvery year, hundreds of Australians end up in local emergency wards due to injuries caused by shattered or broken glass. Some of these accidents occur when children run straight into glass doors, while some are the result of tree branches and debris striking glass panels during inclement weather.

As glass-related incidents continue to rise at an alarming rate, now is the best time to hazard-proof your window and the other glass components of your home. Investing in products designed to reinforce and strengthen glass can prevent serious property damage and fatal injuries.

A good example of a glass hazard-proofing product is the glass safety film.

What are safety films? describes glass safety films as treatments to reinforce fragile components. When applied on interior surface of a glass panel, the films will act as a bonding material in the event of damage. As they hold the shards together upon impact, there will be lower risks of glass pieces flying all over. This, in turn, minimises the dangers of lacerations and cuts.

According to the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ), there are also safety films available for consumers who want to ensure their “float” glass — old types of glass — will meet the current Building Codes of Australia. By applying safety films on float glass, there is no need to replace the entire component. This can help them save on maintenance costs.

Where can you buy these safety films?

As consumers are becoming more conscious about the dangers of broken glass, the number of safety film manufacturers has also increased. Nonetheless, it is important to choose products from a source that meets the standards set by the Building Code of Australia. WFAANZ has a complete list of these window film standards.

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Protecting yourself, your family and your valuables from the dangers of flying glass should be a priority. Install these window films as soon as you can to ensure complete safety at home.