Without Safety, a House is not a Home

Safe Home for your FamilyPrimarily, a home is a shelter. When it fails to protect its members, then the structure has defeated its purpose. The same holds true for everything useful inside – your bathroom most dramatically.

Danger from the Most Unexpected of Places

 Understandably, many may come into the conclusion the bathroom is a favorite room for the family, second to the living room. If you’re not too careful, however, the washroom can put up an ugly face that may turn on you in an instance.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics detailed about 235,000 Americans aged 15 above visit the ER due to bathroom-related injuries each year. To add injury to insult, 15% of the injured end up being admitted to the hospital eventually. Surprisingly, majority of these injuries occur when people were busy showering or bathing.

With this data, making sure you’re getting safety bathtubs may well be worth the investment for a good start. It may not have occurred to you but the same CDC stats featured in The New York Times also pointed out these bathroom-injuries increase with age.

Protecting the Weakest

Not only will safety bathtubs with their easy-open door and comfortable design, benefit the aged, it would give extra protection to the fairer sex in the abode.

As previously mentioned, what makes the CDC report especially frightening is that the most hazardous activity in the bathroom is bathing, specifically while showering or getting out of the tub. Specifically, almost a tenth of the injuries – 9.8% to be exact – occurred while getting out of the tub or shower.

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Compounding things, it’s women who suffered most, being injured at a rate 72% higher than men.

On the other hand, toilet-related injuries are mostly a concern for seniors, 65 years old and above. It’s the getting on and off the relieving station where these accidents happen most.

To counter such, everyone would benefit from having grab bars installed.

The CDC findings may have classified the bathroom-related injury report as nonfatal injuries. But waiting for these things to escalate further before doing something about it, is a lot like waiting for a bomb to explode.