Working from Home: What You Need to Set Up an Office

AC Installation in Salt Lake CityYou spend about 15 minutes waiting for the bus. Sometimes it doesn’t come; sometimes you miss it because you had to cook breakfast for the kids and they weren’t being cooperative. Then you spend another two or three hours on the bus, stuck in traffic, sweating through your clean and pressed shirt. When you get off the bus, you still have to walk two blocks before you reach your office building, where the elevator is broken so you have to walk up about six flights of stairs before reaching your office door. This is where you discover that you’ve left your report at home, and the meeting is in ten minutes. Your clean clothes are a mess, your feet hurt, and it’s only Monday.

Thousands of people who go through this every day decide to call it quits. They trade it for something a little less demanding of time and patience and commuter budget. They trade it for working from home.

Work from home

If your company allows this, at least, several days of the week, take advantage of the opportunity to avoid the traffic. If your company doesn’t allow this setup, you can find a job that doesn’t require you to be at the office all the time or at all. The only concern you have now is to find an area at home where you can set up your own office.

Set up your office

Your garage is a likely candidate. Start by insulating it properly. It was only there before to protect your car, tools, and other items you didn’t want to keep in the house, so it didn’t need insulation. It does now. Have a professional do the heating and AC installation in Salt Lake City. Install windows if you want some natural light coming in. You may not want to open the garage door all the time, particularly if it’s freezing outside. It’s actually better if you remove the garage door and have your contractor convert the front to a wall with a door and windows.

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When the insulation and HVAC are ready, all you have to do is put in a desk, a computer, and other items you may need in an office. You’re all set to start working from home.