Workplace Hazards in Construction: Fall Safety Starts with the Worker

Construction WorkerIn the realm of construction and general industry, slips and falls constitute roughly half of all workplace accidents and deaths. Workplace safety standards are understandably very high, but this does not mean that the average worker should solely trust their safety in the hands of unknown factors.

Workers should have their own safety guidelines that will help them keep safe while they work in increasingly perilous conditions.

Good Housekeeping in the Workplace

It might be a silly thought, but good ‘housekeeping’ really goes a long way in ensuring not just your own safety, but also the rest of the workplace’s. In many construction projects, it is easy to simply leave debris lying around or a puddle unmapped. It seems harmless now, but they are real safety risks that can cause more than just injuries.

Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc. notes that good housekeeping should start by the establishment of a worker’s routine. Even if it is not workplace issued, you as a worker should assign yourself some auxiliary responsibilities, such as general maintenance around your work area.

You don’t necessarily have to clean the entire place. Things like putting tools and other implements back to where they should be, as well as getting rid of any obstructions in passageways are a big help and can potentially save your life or another person.

It Pays to Pay Attention

Worker behavior is very difficult to predict and even more difficult to control. It’s easy to get distracted by the stuff around you, and even some of the things that you deem ‘normal’ behavior may be unknowingly compromising your safety.

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In construction and general industry, it pays to pay attention. While everyone wants to get the job done, there is no excuse to cut corners when working; especially if it involves something dangerous or if you are in a situation where you can’t afford to make even the simplest mistakes. Simply being attentive and aware of your surroundings is enough to keep you safe and secure while you work.

Fall safety should really begin with each worker, as it is foolish to simply trust in unknown variables when your health and life is ultimately at stake. Simply being attentive and doing general cleaning and maintenance work goes a long way to keeping you safe from harm.