Worst Things that Leave Unwanted Spots to Coated Floors

Coated FloorFloor coating is popular for two things: it protects the concrete that serves as the base of the flooring and it aesthetically enhances the space. Coated flooring gives it a sheen that makes a room inviting and provides an organized look to the space. But, while floor coatings serve a protection, they are not impervious to damage, so proper care and maintenance is necessary to make them last.

Heavy Equipment or Machinery

Whether it’s commercial, industrial or personal space, floors are the most abused part of any structure. If feet were the only things that touch them, then wear-and-tear or damage might take a bit of time. But, if heavy furniture, equipment, or machinery passes through it a lot of the time, then it becomes highly susceptible to damage.

Avoid sliding these things on coated floors without some form of protection. Otherwise, it will result in scratches and gouging, which can work its way to the concrete if not attended to immediately.
Floor coating can also be damaged when heavy things or pointed articles are dropped onto it. Be mindful of these things to preserve the coating.

Spills, Acids

Garage floors are often coated, and grease, oil, and other liquids may frequently end up on them. Cleaning spills up immediately will prevent it from being absorbed through the concrete making it difficult, if not impossible, to remove from the surface.

Acids and solvents are particularly damaging and should be wiped off carefully but quickly to prevent soiling and damage.

Dirt, Dust and Soilage

Whether it’s from shoes that walk through the coated flooring or from stuff brought it from the outside, damage can result from too much dirt, dust and soilage. The best way to protect flooring from damage is to sweep it regularly – daily is preferable – or use a mechanical sweeper especially for wide spaces.
Dirt and other soilage can get stuck on the coating and scratch them over time. Scrub the floors once a week if soilage is frequent but do not use abrasive ingredients.

It’s not only expensive to replace or fix coated floors. The better alternative is to take care of this part of the house of building so these last a long time.